London postcode map

Following on from my ORK Brooklyn poster post <link> I went in search of a London map. I found one, thanks wikipedia. But what I don’t get is that the allocation seems totally random. Surely N1 should be next to N2.



  1. LuL

    Ok, you are a little stupid. You probably think you’re a so smart. But the reason why nș 1 isn’t next to nș2 is because the map is divided in west, northwest, etc.
    So, putting nș1 next to nș2 would be wrong.

  2. Hunter

    The person who left the first comment is both rude and stupid. The reason is that, after the 1 postcode district which is where the head sorting office is, the postcodes are numbered alphabetically, SE2 = Abey Wood, SE3 = Blackheath etc.

  3. alex

    how can it be right that its sorted alphabetically. N1 is islington, and N2 is Finchley. So how does that work?

  4. Andy Golden

    Yes it is alphabetical – The 1 code – ie N1, W1, NW1 etc is the exception as the areas historic sorting hq, but then it goes mostly alphabetically: N2=East Finchley N3=Finchley N4=Finsbury Park, N5=Highbury etc.
    Someone could help me with NW11 though cos that is Golders Green and not in alphabetical order

  5. I found your site on google and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work.

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