Deans to coach Australia – DISASTER!

Since starting this blog I have resisted the temptation to talk about the state of New Zealand rugby, for obvious reasons. But having read that Robbie Deans has been appointed coach of the Wallabies <link>, I can resist no more.

First a declaration of interest. I am a Canterbury supporter and have been since I was young. I remember watching people like Ian Penrose, Doug Bruce, Lyn Davis, Tane Norton, Bill Bush, Ian Hurst and Fergie McCormick from the terraces at Lancaster Park. So this might just colour my opinion just a little bit.

If you do the same thing; you get the same outcome. For the past four years Graham Henry has had free rein to do what he wanted. Love him or loath him; he generated the results and the team and the style of play that we were all very happy with. I enjoyed being at the game in Lyon and the previous one in Paris, for example. This all changed with the RWC loss in Cardiff. Yes, I was there and yes, I paid over the odds to go with my son and watch. (Again this may colour my view just a little). The whole reason he was able to do what he wanted, was to win the World Cup and he didn’t. He just didn’t. So I was ASTOUNDED when he got the job back <link>. We’re doing the same thing as we did for the past four years but expecting a different outcome. It isn’t going to happen. Same thing = same outcome. Pull your head out of the sand NZRFU.

But now the biggest blow. Not only have the Australians recognised this and changed coached (as did the Welsh), but they have gone and appointed the person that should be coaching the All Blacks! Robbie Deans. Deans has coached the most successful Super 14 franchise in the history of the tournament and he was involved with John Mitchell in taking the All Blacks to the semi finals of a World Cup; one round further than Graham Henry. At this point I do have to admit that Graham Henry is supported by two Cantabrians in the form of Steve Hansen and Wayne Smith. (I add this to prove that I am not totally one-eyed).

Yet I can’t believe this has happened. I can’t believe that the NZRFU did this. This brutal organisation that has never hesitated to fire and drop poor performing people in the past including Mitchell and Deans. What is going on in the background?

I’m not even sure I can be bothered watching All Black tests this coming southern winter. I will be watching the Super 14 and fully expect the Crusaders to deliver. But I have no expectation of the All Blacks getting past the quarterfinals of the next RWC with Graham Henry and co in charge, even with it being played at home. Twenty years was a long time between drinks. I expect I am still going to be thirsty come 24.

If you do the same thing; you get the same outcome.


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