Given that I ranted about forkd not that long ago <link>. I should be equally outraged by FFFFOUND! <link>. I’m not. If a site can deliver me images like these without effort then I’m sold. It all comes down to the quality of the content.

 52955761_48aa753d78.jpg  78d699fa2ca18ff51435b2bac8c282be51592c87_m.jpg  6abf625e4f3ed09e885777272035702122ffc5e8_m.jpg  4636febc939053050e25dbec0ae2c7013a21b9db_m.jpg f43e575996764863817990c2643b630de369aff4_m.jpg 

Now all I need is to be able to register when the private beta finishes.


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    […] forkd, Rumplo, social network, T-shirt, Twitter, web 2.0 I raged about Forkd. I raved about ffffound!. Now I’m presenting, without comment, the t-shirt social network – Rumplo <link>. You […]

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