Ashton & beans #2

I wonder what positive thoughts from Brian Ashton sparked the poor second half performance against Italy at the weekend? After leading 20-6 at halftime, I suspect it might have included, “don’t think it’s all over” or “don’t let them get back into the game” or “no silly mistakes”.   

This article chronicles England’s second half woes <link>.

“The established half-time routine in the England dressing room is said to be three minutes of changing shirts, three minutes from Ashton and defence coach Mike Ford, three minutes from the captain and a minute to return to the pitch.

Whatever is being said at the moment in those crucial 10 minutes clearly isn’t working as it should…”

I agree. It’s all about what is being said! I’m sure he’s putting beans up their nose <link>.


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    […] believe it! Having told Brian Ashton what to say at halftime here <link> and again here <link> he goes and does it […]

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