The lawyer that couldn’t resist

Faisal Madani, 42, is in the Chester Crown Court facing charges under the Trade Descriptions Act and the Trade Mark Act. The case relates to football memorabilia including shirts and pictures with forged signatures. Signatures of Michael Owen and Steven Gerrard are included, which is why they were called to give evidence. Acting for Mr Madani is Mr Peter Davies.

In court Mr Davies showed Michael Owen pictures of himself with Gerrard, with Ian Rush, with David Beckham and of himself when he won his 50th England cap. He was also shown 19 England captain’s armbands. Owen said the signatures were not his.

Davies also asked Owen about a picture of him taken after Liverpool’s victory in the 2003 Worthington Cup. And this is the good bit. He asked, “And who did you beat?” Owen replied, “Manchester United.”

At this point The Guardian reports that the Never-walk-alone-singing red-scarf-waving Anfield-visiting Liverpool fan, Mr Peter Davies paused and smiled, “I can’t resist it,” he said. Nothing like scoring a point or two against the old enemy in a public court of law is there Mr Davies.

Mr Madani denies the charges. The trail continues. And the last paragraph is not exactly what The Guardian printed yesterday.


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