Poor Mr Sarkozy, he must think I have something against him. I don’t. He just seems to attract comment. According to my last post 10,000 blog comments a day. So another one isn’t going to hurt.

This time it relates to his state visit to London yesterday and today. The Independent committed a two page spread to the visit yesterday. Unlike the tabloids it didn’t include steamy black and white photos of Mrs Sarkozy. It did however include, what seems to me, the astounding fact that Mr Sarkozy’s new mother-in-law is a member of the official party. The mother-in-law is Marisa Borini-Tedeschi . 

I expect when poor Mr Sarkozy got the call from his new in-law along the lines off “you’re off to visit the Queen and staying in Windsor Castle and I’m coming too”, it’s pretty hard to say no.  His mother was coming too but she changed her mind at the last minute.

Is this normal? Does George W Bush’s mother and in-law travel with him on state visits? I have no idea. But as President Sarkozy been married a number of times before I expect he’s used to the joy of in-laws.

Oh and hello to Nicolas Princen. I wonder if this post gets on the President’s reading list. Doubt it some how.


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