Roy Keane likes rugby

The BBC is reporting that the Mail on Sunday is reporting that “Sunderland boss Roy Keane will travel to New Zealand to work with the All Blacks rugby union side in June as part of his football pro licence.”

Now this could be unexpected and slightly unusual. What could a Premiership manager learn from a team that, while considered the best in the world between World Cups, fails to get past the quarterfinals of the real thing AND retains the same management team??

On the other hand it is apparent that Roy Keane knows something about rugby. This article <link> from the same publication refers to a conversation between Ronan O’Gara and Roy Keane prior to the Lions tour.

“Ronan O’Gara bumped into Roy Keane when the Lions and Manchester United stayed at the same hotel near Cardiff two years ago.

“Three-nil to the All Blacks,” the Cork footballer told the Cork rugby player the day before the Lions left for New Zealand. ‘No hard feelings, Rog, but I can’t see it going any other way.'”

He was right! Clearly Roy is a rugby fan.

I have to admit that I’m quietly pleased he chose the All Blacks. Roy is a fiercly competitive individual, known for his attention to detail and his high standards. I know he’d never choose the England rugby team (I wouldn’t either; see my writings on Brian Ashton’s half time talks) and clearly he isn’t enamoured with the Irish team (I’ve written about this too). So over the French (unlikely I admit), the Australians and the Boks he chose the All Blacks. Excellent! The Roy Keane stamp of approval.

I might just have to support Sunderland. Maybe the All Blacks will learn something from Roy. I can only hope.

UPDATED: Here’s some coverage of Keane with the All Blacks in the lead-up to the Test against Ireland on the weekend. <link>

FINAL UPDATE: Here’s some reporting of his experience <link> “Sunderland boss Keane profits from his licence to learn with the famous All Blacks”


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