Mr Bush and his priorities

Yesterday, May 2, Reuters reported that, “President George W. Bush called for $770 million in new U.S. food aid donations and other measures on Thursday as Washington seeks to stave off a food crisis threatening to envelop the developing world.” <link>

This sounded like good news, and I suppose it is, until Reuters also reported that, “U.S. President George W. Bush on Friday laid out a detailed request for $70 billion to partially fund the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while providing more aid to tackle an unfolding global food crisis.”

But wait there’s more. The article continues…

“If Congress approves the additional money for this year and next, it will bring the total allocation for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to over $800 billion.” <link>

The difference between the numbers is equally astounding and depressing. He seems to be giving life with one hand and taking it away with the other. Or maybe it is just incredibly more expensive to kill people than it is to feed them? Beats me.


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