Gordon Brown talk to us, not over us

 “UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, called on European leaders to send the message that ‘no sound, solvent bank should be allowed to fail through lack of liquidity'”.
That’s not a soundbite, it’s an economics lecture.

Gordon, you may be a being of higher intellectual capability and you may be aiming for a job with the IMF, but your audience is the UK voter and they have no idea what you’re telling them. Try imagining that every time you talk to the press you are talking to my 14-year-old son.

The big problem here is the word “liquidity”. Other than water out of a tap, my son and many people have no idea what it means in this sentence. If you can’t reassure people that their savings are safe (nice soundbite and good positive vocabulary) then you need to tell them, “you are doing everything you can to ensure that the good banks have the money they need to stay in business”.
You’re no longer the Chancellor. You’re the PM. So stop sounding pompous, formal, superior and intellectual and people will understand you better, gedd’it? 



  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. I am constantly being asked to explain what is going on, I may have a very basic understanding, but the bottom line is GB and his cronies have made no attempt to explain what is going on, how it will affect the UK voters and what needs and to be done to resolve it. The problem is, this government is so removed from the people that matter, that they can no longer communicate with us on anything, they surround themselves with highly paid consultants and business leaders, but, wait for it, no real people, no-one to help them communicate with the man in the street.

    It is too late for Labour, but from what I can see, the conservatives are going to suffer the same disease, given Cameron is surrounding himspelf only with public schoolboys and Old Etonians.

  2. Geoff Bilbrough

    What worries me is that these people run the country (or profess to). How hard can it be to identify your audience and talk to them using words they understand?

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