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Owl in flight

Brilliant photo and wonderful design by Mother Nature.

h/t clusterflock


Chewy meet Luke

h/t Martin Klasch

Says it all

It’s special to me because it’s great; it’s wonderfully creative; I love books; it comes from New Zealand.

A long thread of links lead me to this post – here.

New Zealand Book Council is here.



Cool shades sister.

Thanks Charlie Parker

Banksy on IKEA


thanks DesignYouTrust


Thanks Martin Klasch




Images of street art that have appeared across Africa have suggested that Banksy is in Africa. Cetainly has his sense of humour and poignancy.

There is a Flickr group accumulating the images. Given that we have a couple of Banksy-like graffiti within walking distance of home, this bloke gets around. Thanks Design You Trust.

The music is by ex-Otago. I assume this group has some relationship with Otago, New Zealand. Off to find out. Update: It isn’t they seem to be Italian.

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