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Such a good idea!

Buy one here


This infographic from New Scientist explains why we live in London and not Wellington, New Zealand. And if you want to get away from it all look for the black.

In truth, Wellington is a lot more remote than this graphic shows.

Where angels recline





Images of street art that have appeared across Africa have suggested that Banksy is in Africa. Cetainly has his sense of humour and poignancy.

There is a Flickr group accumulating the images. Given that we have a couple of Banksy-like graffiti within walking distance of home, this bloke gets around. Thanks Design You Trust.

Pi cubes for Pi day


From Technabob <link> and ThinkGeek <link>


At $102,418.60 it’s a bargain. Each bike is hand built, plated with 24 carat gold and hand-adorned with more than 600 Swarovski crystals.

More pics and information here <link>

Personally I much prefer this simple, classic Oso Bike for $500. <link>


Though it does prove the point that I’ve made before that single speed bikes are the height of cool.


“The idea was to create a mosaic of Charles Darwin with an evolutionary progression from lower life forms to higher life forms, from bottom to top.”

Brilliant! Credit to Andree Kahlmorgan and Cindy Hoffman @ Time Inc.  I found it here <link>. Here’s the article referred to <link> but I can’t see the illustration.



I haven’t read my Google Reader for days. What do I find? Two very different bookshelves. I really like the branching one <link>. I’m less sure about “Nureyev” – ths spinning number <link>. Where would you put it?

Jock strap font


I’d love one of our clients to put this font in their style guide. <link>

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