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Such a good idea!

Buy one here


Nutcase helmets rock


I want one of these. Or maybe the one with the shark. A fun, practical bike helmet that doesn’t make you look like an idiot (well maybe). The pun in the name is nice too. The full range is here.

Baghdad International C-17

Maybe, seems to be the answer.  This post is a good read <link>

“For some time I’ve been noticing some differences in handling of various Middle Eastern military facilities. This isn’t a conspiracy theory: I’m simply noting that often the level of detail seems to be less for Israeli facilities than for Arab and even American military facilities in the Middle East. It may just be a function of available imagery, or it may be a concern for security, or it may be that the Israelis simply know when the satellites are overhead and keep their stuff in hangars.”


“Welcome to Monopoly City Streets. You versus the world in the biggest live game of MONOPOLY in history!”

Here’s where it happens <link>


For reading recommendations Bookseer rules. I recommend it.

I found this interesting little video on Design You Trust.  It comes without explanation or comment.

I noticed the obvious stuff. Daylight has a big impact on volumes in the air corridors.

The population centres of the world really stand out.

Hawaii gets a noticeable stream of flights off the mainland.

Flights don’t go over the South Pole to get places the way they do over the North.

Flying over Russia or Africa in the middle of the night significantly reduces the chance of hitting another plane.

The cover says it all. Buy one here <link>

I want one of these! Hornby, I hope you’re looking.


The map needs a bit of work. Try for yourself. <link>

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