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It’s special to me because it’s great; it’s wonderfully creative; I love books; it comes from New Zealand.

A long thread of links lead me to this post – here.

New Zealand Book Council is here.





Couldn’t resist. Takes me back to my days as a student doing lambing beats in North Canterbury.

Thanks SwissMiss, bought a smile to my dial too.


First Hutchinson tyres with It’s Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo then Duffy and Diet Coke draw on the coolness of the singlespeed in their advertising.

Thanks CoolHunting for the Hutchinson vimeo.

I think this ad overcomes the language barrier and could screen on any sports channel in the world without translation. Thanks AdArena.


This clever piece of watch advertising came in through my delicious feed from a Russian site, and that is all I know. Other than that it is clever.

To continue the theme, this from Harley Davidson.


An advertisement for guide dogs. Think about it! See through dog.

This is just the cleverest ad I think I’ve ever seen. Congratulations UbachsWisbrun JWT, Amsterdam. Brilliant! It makes me feel all warm inside when I find such clever, creative work. Or maybe it’s the pinot noir and paella.

Thanks I Believe in Advertising <link>

Clever. Perfect timing and content. LOL.

Thanks shakewellbeforeuse <link>

Clever. Maybe the aim is to get more men supermarket shopping. Although it does say, ““Does it feel good? Continue to one of our retailers.”

via I believe in advertising <link>

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