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The Millions polled its readers on the top novels and compared it to a list of Pros. I was very pleased to see my personal favourite Out Stealing Horses appear in the Panel’s list. It seldom appears in these lists and it totally deserves to.

I also enjoy Oscar Wao (first on the readers list) but not as much as Out Stealing. The lists contain many good books. Read them.



For reading recommendations Bookseer rules. I recommend it.



Gives light, stores your books and acts as a bookmark all while looking gorgeous. It’s called Lili Lite. Buy them here <link>

Wallpaper like this would save me having to build those shelves and buy all those books. Second thoughts I’ll buy the books.

Here’s the full collection <link>.  Thanks girl in the green dress <link>

Book clock

More book related stuff. Buy one here <link>

Well it’s not a chair and it’s not a bath and it’s not a staircase. It is a cool ladder bookshelf. Get one here <link>

Just when you thought it was safe to come back to my blog, I find some more book furniture. <link>

Even more book furniture

via Neatorama <link>

Browse around and you’ll find a book staircase, a book bath and a book chair.

More book furniture

Just when you thought you couldn’t be presented with any more book furniture (bookworm chair and bath) here’s a stair case for a bookworm.

Found here <link> via delicious

Reading in the bath

This could be the perfect bath for a book worm, except it costs $17,300/£8,650.

Found here <link>. Purchased here <link>

I wrote about the perfect chair here <link>

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