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It’s special to me because it’s great; it’s wonderfully creative; I love books; it comes from New Zealand.

A long thread of links lead me to this post – here.

New Zealand Book Council is here.




First Hutchinson tyres with It’s Your Ride from Cinecycle on Vimeo then Duffy and Diet Coke draw on the coolness of the singlespeed in their advertising.

Thanks CoolHunting for the Hutchinson vimeo.

iPint on iPhone

Turn your iPhone into a pint with this cool app. When you tip your iPhone you lose some of your virtual lager. Thanks directdaily

Not only did this chocolate bar make me laugh but the website is very cool.

Oh yes. There is just a small irony in me posting a chocolate bar having written about the world food price crisis on more than one occasion.

And oh yes #2. It’s a New Zealand company.

Why hasn’t someone thought of this before? Brilliantly simple.

From Yanko Design; via swiss miss

Looking for Web 2.0 websites? For your browsing pleasure here’s a map that is the chien’s bollocks when it comes to information architecture <link>. The discoveries at the bottom also lead to good stuff.

So I’m off to New York on Sunday for a few days and with perfect timing delivered me this cool little mash-up showing some of the wine bars of New York <link>.

As Dr Vino says…”In NYC, it’s getting easy to find good wine bars but they are packed! Don’t forget: wine by the glass is a huge rip-off! OK now that we’ve got the issues of overcrowding and high prices out of the way, use wine bars for what they do best (besides meeting other people) — experimenting with something new for you, either with a flight or by the glass…”

I just might do that on Monday night. Thanks Dr Vino.

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