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This infographic from New Scientist explains why we live in London and not Wellington, New Zealand. And if you want to get away from it all look for the black.

In truth, Wellington is a lot more remote than this graphic shows.


Adding the geography to this postcode map really adds value. Here’s my original post on the subject <link>

The combination of the Time Out Wine Special <link> and this post on how to create Google Maps <link> led me to create this map of “The London WIne 50”. Time Out’s essential guide to the capital’s best restaurants and bars with outstanding wine lists.

Now all I need to do is have a drink in all 50!

Thanks Time Out and 10,000 words.


Sometime ago I wrote about the cool ORK Brooklyn poster <link> and the challenges of doing the same with the London postcode map <link>. This different take on the same idea cleverly presents the streets of central London. Here are the people that crafted it <link>. Good job.


One of my favourite songs is April Sun in Cuba by Dragon. Today we had April snow in London. I spent the morning up on Hampstead Heath taking some photos with varying degrees of success. Here are some shots that aren’t too bad. The rest are on Flickr.

Following on from my ORK Brooklyn poster post <link> I went in search of a London map. I found one, thanks wikipedia. But what I don’t get is that the allocation seems totally random. Surely N1 should be next to N2.


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