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This infographic from New Scientist explains why we live in London and not Wellington, New Zealand. And if you want to get away from it all look for the black.

In truth, Wellington is a lot more remote than this graphic shows.



Full size version here.

I found this interesting little video on Design You Trust.  It comes without explanation or comment.

I noticed the obvious stuff. Daylight has a big impact on volumes in the air corridors.

The population centres of the world really stand out.

Hawaii gets a noticeable stream of flights off the mainland.

Flights don’t go over the South Pole to get places the way they do over the North.

Flying over Russia or Africa in the middle of the night significantly reduces the chance of hitting another plane.

The cover says it all. Buy one here <link>


Antipodes pl.n.

  1. Any two places or regions that are on diametrically opposite sides of the earth.
  2. (used with a sing. or pl. verb) Something that is the exact opposite or contrary of another; an antipode.

This cool map <link> shows you your antipode. And the screen grab above shows why New Zealanders living in London are correctly known as antipodeans.


Piracy off the coast of Somalia is in the news at the moment. This Live Piracy map <link> from the IMB Piracy Reporting Centre suggests that it much more widespread than just that coast of Africa.

Adding the geography to this postcode map really adds value. Here’s my original post on the subject <link>

I’ve been trying to embed this map for about 30 minutes only to discover that wordpress doesn’t allow iframes. Frustration aside, here’s a really great map of this year’s Tour.  Click on the map above and zoom right in for street views.

And there is a live tracker of some sort here <link> though it seems to be showing a rider in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa at the moment.

Updated: Wired presented this list of online resources <link>. Only 144 followers on Twitter.

A lino cut of London. I like it. Up there with the ORK map of Brooklyn posted some time ago. Amsterdam and New York also feature here <link>

This Amesty International ad is very clever (thanks I Believe in Advertising <link>). Very clever, except there is a small nation that should be just to the right of Australia that isn’t. Nevermind we get to feature on this one.

This one presents the Worlds Top 10 most peaceful nations in 2008. Full story here <link>. Curiously I come from one of the nations that makes the Top 10 most peaceful, New Zealand, and I spent two days this week in a nation that makes the bottom 10, Russia.

New Zealand finds its way on to this one too. (via ffffound!)


You can find it in all its glory here <link>. My musical skills aren’t strong enough to determine the music we make.

And finally, if you happen to need a vector map of the world you can any number of them from here <link>. This is a nice one, also including New Zealand.

Four maps in one day maybe today is “Map Day” on t’internet.

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