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It’s special to me because it’s great; it’s wonderfully creative; I love books; it comes from New Zealand.

A long thread of links lead me to this post – here.

New Zealand Book Council is here.




The Kaka I know doesn’t play for Manchester City either. It’s an endangered species native to my home country. Formally, “the Kaka, nestor meridionalis, is a parrot endemic to the forests of New Zealand”.


Unnoticed by the rest of the world there was an election in New Zealand recently. Being the slightly smaller country that we are, our election maps go to a whole new level of detail ie not all of the USA. In this clever mashup you can see the results by individual polling booth! And, if you knew where to look, my house.

Here’s the map <link> and here’s the full story here <link>

This Amesty International ad is very clever (thanks I Believe in Advertising <link>). Very clever, except there is a small nation that should be just to the right of Australia that isn’t. Nevermind we get to feature on this one.

This one presents the Worlds Top 10 most peaceful nations in 2008. Full story here <link>. Curiously I come from one of the nations that makes the Top 10 most peaceful, New Zealand, and I spent two days this week in a nation that makes the bottom 10, Russia.

New Zealand finds its way on to this one too. (via ffffound!)


You can find it in all its glory here <link>. My musical skills aren’t strong enough to determine the music we make.

And finally, if you happen to need a vector map of the world you can any number of them from here <link>. This is a nice one, also including New Zealand.

Four maps in one day maybe today is “Map Day” on t’internet.

My old Nana, bless her heart, always cheered for the underdog. She would have loved it yesterday.

Wales beat Ireland in the Six Nations <link>. Playing Ireland at Croke Park, the emotional home of so many things Irish, should be a daunting affair. Neither team excelled at the World Cup, so playing at home should have given Ireland the advantage. And who would have picked Wales to complete the Triple Crown at the start of the tournament? No one. But none of this counted. Wales lead the table and Warren Gatland gets one over Eddie O’Sullivan. Excellent. A great start to Nana’s day.

Portsmouth beat ManU in the FA Cup at Old Trafford. <link> For me it’s the playing at Old Trafford that makes the difference (much like Croke Park should have). There are only seven places between the two teams on the table but Old Trafford is a fortress and by rights Portsmouth should have had no chance. I agree the ref didn’t help but look at the scoreboard. They rode their luck and won. A first game at Wembly for Harry Redknap is well deserved.

Barnsley beat Chelsea in the FA Cup <link>. They’re struggling to stay in the Championship (19th) but Barnsley weren’t overawed by the Chelsea millionaires. I suppose beating Liverpool at Anfield make Chelsea at home an easier proposition. Having been at Stamford Bridge on Wednesday to see Chelsea dispatch Olympiakos with ease and with many of the same players on the pitch this should have been a one-sided affair.  I certainly expected it to be. It wasn’t and Nana would have loved it.

Scotland beat England in the Six Nations <link>. No one gave Scotland a chance. To date their performances have been dire and the wooden spoon beckoned. England on the other hand had beaten France in Paris the previous round and were in contention for the Championship. But the 125th contest for the Calcutta Cup was won by Scotland. Playing the “old enemy” is certainly great motivation.

New Zealand beat England in the first test in Hamilton <link>. Before this game started New Zealand had only beaten England seven times in 88 Tests. So a win against England is a rare and wonderful thing. And this one by 189 runs was a big one. Naturally I’m chuffed. I certainly wasn’t expecting that. Nana might have been and what a day she would have had.

Update: And Cardiff beat Middlesborough on Sunday.

First Hamilton is the home of international crime; then this hilarious story gets picked up by Reuters and sent around the world. Who says living in New Zealand is boring?

“A New Zealand woman who sent a naked man to the wrong house on the promise of a good time has been charged with misusing a telephone”<link>

Top NZ Pinot Noir

Just in Cuisine magazine’s top ten New Zealand pinot noirs:

  1. Villa Maria Reserve Pinot Noir 2006
  2. Rockburn Pinot Noir 2006
  3. Valli Gibbston Valley Pinot Noir 2006
  4. Stoneleigh Rapaura Series Pinot Noir 2006
  5. Villa Maria Private Bin Marlborough Waipara Pinot Noir 2006
  6. Fairmont estate Block One Pinot Noir 2006 
  7. Cable Bay Marlborough Pinot Noir 2006
  8. Waipara Hills Southern Cross Selection Central Otago Pinot Noir 2006
  9. Tirohana Estate Pinot Noir 2006
  10. Vidal Marlborough Pinot Noir 2006

Seven years living in London means that I’ve lost track of NZ wineries and the quality of Central Otago pinot.  

Who would have thought that Hamilton sitting quietly by the languid Waikato river, shrouded in fog and birthplace of Helen Clark would be the home of an 18 year old international master of crime. Here’s all you need to know about Hamilton <link>. And here’s the story on the New Zealand Herald <link>. Actually he’s from Coroglen. I used to work near Coroglen. This is the pub.


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