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One very brave cyclist and one almost as brave motorcycle cameraman.



Bradley Wiggins has made public his blood profiles to prove that his performance on the Tour wasn’t enhanced in any way. You can get them here.

Brilliant. I’m no scientist and can’t tell you what they mean but I applaud the transparency.

The Tour de France is a great event that I thoroughly enjoy. This year the emergence of Bradley Wiggins was a real highlight. I urged him up the Ventoux. For me this information release caps a complete performance by the Brit. Well done.


“…a typical rider will come into the Tour de France carrying around seven percent body fat – a slim woman is around 20 percent – which drops to about four by the end of three-week endurance race.”

“If a stage has three big climbs, we’d expect riders to burn off anything between 8,000 to 10,000 calories per day.”

I’m going to have to ride a lot further than 25kms to burn this number of calories and get my body fat down to 7%. BikeRadar’s interesting article on nutrition on the Tour is here <link>

The Tour de’ France is a great event. We went and watched the time trial in London last year and then the peleton head out through The City. This article has more commonsense about the Tour and drug testing than any other I’ve read <link>.

The story is that there are three teams in the race that are “clean” – Team Columbia and Garmin-Chipotle and Danish squad CSC Saxo Bank – and they have a new, but really simple and sensible way of testing.

“The new model relies on analyzing an athlete’s test results over time. That way, an athlete’s urine or blood sample on any given day will be compared with the most accurate control possible: himself. Any spike that departs from that baseline of biological values would strongly suggest drug use – without testers even needing to know what drug caused it.”

Brilliant. Don’t look for the drugs that are hard to find; just monitor the athlete against their own benchmark.

This quote is also a gem. “Don’t expect people to do unnatural things unless you want them to have to take unnatural things to do those things.”

The race is so tough that the temptation to do something to make it easier must be enormous. Maybe the organisers could make it a little easier and remove the need to take drugs.

Note also that Team Columbia has won four stages of the Tour de France this year. CSC also holds the yellow jersey (at the moment).

I’ve been trying to embed this map for about 30 minutes only to discover that wordpress doesn’t allow iframes. Frustration aside, here’s a really great map of this year’s Tour.  Click on the map above and zoom right in for street views.

And there is a live tracker of some sort here <link> though it seems to be showing a rider in the Atlantic off the coast of Africa at the moment.

Updated: Wired presented this list of online resources <link>. Only 144 followers on Twitter.

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